Gogeta is here!
After weeks of leaks, Gogeta has finally been confirmed for the new DBS: Broly movie! In the latest trailer fans were treated to a glimpse of Gogeta in base, SS & SSB form! It seems Goku & Vegeta will need to team up to beat a threat as strong as Broly!Gogeta’s appearance in Broly has bi...
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New Dragon Ball Super Broly Special To Be Released!
As the debut of the new DBS: Broly movie creeps every closer, Japanese TV station, Fuji TV is celebrating with a massive one-hour television special all about the new film. The special is scheduled to air in Japan on December 2nd, 9:00 AM (JST), the original slot for the regular DBS anime series...
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'Dragon Ball Super' will finally air in Australia!
Toei has signed a deal with 'ABC Australia' and more specifically the 'ABC ME network' for the ever popular latest DBZ series Dragon Ball Super. The show has previously only been accessible to fans via streaming services such as Crunchyroll & AnimeLab.ABC ME launched Dragon Ball Super on ai...
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