After weeks of leaks, Gogeta has finally been confirmed for the new DBS: Broly movie! In the latest trailer fans were treated to a glimpse of Gogeta in base, SS & SSB form! It seems Goku & Vegeta will need to team up to beat a threat as strong as Broly!

Gogeta’s appearance in Broly has big implications for the series' storyline. His place in the Dragon Ball canon has long been debated, with his main feature coming in his own non-canon movie. Gogeta has appeared mostly in DB: GT, which of course is not considered canon by it's creators or fans in general, however DBS: Broly is confirmed as canon.

Finally, Gogeta showing up in this movie means something for the MASSIVE power level Broly must have in the film. Goku has been able to beat most of his opponents with SSB so far, if not with Ultra Instinct. So the fact that him and SSB Vegeta will need to multiply their power and still struggle with Broly (as seen from the trailer), really says something about the Legendary Super Saiyan's power!

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