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1800+ STONES + 2 x Mega Secret GIFTS

Dragon Stones Dokkan

1800+ Dokkan Stones  + 2 Secret Gifts


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The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones are the virtual currency of the game. They are paid for but can be obtained throughout history, using quests, the tenkaichi Budokai tournament or as a gift from the game's developers.

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones are used to summon characters of different levels of rarity and power. Here is the scale of the characters, from the rarest to the rarest: N > R > SR > SSR > UR

The invocations are divided into two parts:
The singles allow you to get only one character which will be either R / SR / SSR and cost 5 dokkan stones.
Multi's allow you to get 10 characters that will be either R / SR / SSR but guarantee at least one SR and cost 50 DS.
The dokkan stones also allow you to give back all your health points when you have lost a fight. You'll get your full bar back in exchange for 1 Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones.

You can also use Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones to recharge your energy bar which allows you to play. This will also cost you 1 Dokkan Battle Dragon Stones for your full bar!

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1800+ Dokkan Dragon Stones + 2 Secret Gifts

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